Success Through Others - Make the Most of Buyers Agents and Showing Assistants

Sep 16, 2010 7:38:38 AM


By Mona Covey, Agent Curriculum Team Leader, Keller Williams University

Sharing the stage with Gary Keller and Tony DiCello, mega agents Claudia Maefsky from Spokane, Washington and Kristan Cole from Wasilla, Alaska, describe how they’re energizing their teams with buyers agents and showing assistants. Just as lead generation has proven models and systems, leverage through people—specifically buyers agents and showing assistants—has models and systems that yield big results and these two panelists reveal how.


Claudia leads her team of buyers agents and showing assistants with one detailed model that clearly defines each person’s role. Her script acronym is LPMAMA—Location, Price, Motivation, Agent, Mortgage and Appointment—which she insists her staff practice daily. She explains that the buyers agent and showing assistant are a winning team when there is a behavioral style match of a high I.

She admits, “It’s a huge cost to make a bad hire. Hire someone new to real estate as your showing assistant. It's better than fighting old habits.” Her goal is to only bring on additional showing assistants instead of more buyers agents.

Kristan works with a lead buyers agent, buyers agent, showing assistant and virtual assistant to the buyers agents. Her intent is to help her staff achieve their goals, whatever they are. She says “I can show buyers agents how to either get more time or make more money with showing assistants.”

Kristan attributes her success with two investments in training: she’s taken RSTLM (Recruit/Select, Action Training, Lead/Motivate) four times to help her hire the exact right person for each job, and taken BOLD with her entire team! Her entire staff had a mindset shift and is no longer afraid to make calls and generate leads.

Beyond a doubt, Claudia and Kristan are achieving success through others!

How are you leveraging your business?