myTransactions: Point, Click, Close

Feb 22, 2011 11:13:37 AM









The bottom line when it comes to the myTransactions component of eEdge: the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts.

Leading a 7:30 a.m. breakout session this morning entitled, “eEdge myTransactions: The Electronic Transaction,” G. Austin Allison, co-founder and CEO of DotLoop, which has partnered with Keller Williams in the development of eEdge, along with Bill Middleton, Jr., a Keller Williams associate and trainer who helped with the first regional myTransactions rollout in the Carolinas, presented a compelling case for the potential of eEdge to transform the real estate transaction.


Described as a collaborative workspace that allows for real estate deals to get done in a paperless environment, myTransactions incorporates online forms, electronic signatures, document storage and management, as well as a sharing and signing platform. While the key term is, “collaborative,” “flexibility” is also proving to be key during the adoption phase. The system can accommodate all parties to the transaction, whether or not they have a computer, or don’t use email, or simply would prefer to do business the old fashioned way. There’s a “print” button on every page and any page can be faxed.

For Peter Dennison, associate with the Austin Southwest market center, the myTransactions side of eEdge proved itself last evening, from his hotel room in Anaheim. Following a phone call from a client who said he was ready to make an offer, “I decided to fumble through, sat at my computer and pressed ‘Buyer Loop.’ That gave me access to all of the forms I needed, which I completed and then pressed ‘Send.’ My client electronically signed the offer, sent it back to me, and I forwarded the offer on to the listing agent.”