Shattering the Multitasking Myth

Feb 25, 2011 10:43:08 AM

Even on the final day of Family Reunion, the energy and eagerness to learn more and become more seemed without limits as attendees crowded into Gary Keller's 7 a.m. session by the hundreds.

"You're a bunch of sick people ... And it looks like some of you even shaved," Gary Keller said jokingly in reference to such high attendance at the crack-of-dawn session -- setting the tone for an hour of straight talk on a topic that he's passionate about: "The Power of One."

"We live in a culture that idealizes multi-tasking, but the fact is, multitasking is a lie. Science has proven that you can task switch, but you can't do two tasks at once."

Countering the popular notion that success is a function of cramming as much as possible into a day, Gary advocated a laser-sharp focus on doing the one thing that matters most.

"How large a life you lead will be in direct proportion to how small you can make it - determining what's essential and what will cause everything else to fall into place."