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Shattering the Multitasking Myth

Even on the final day of Family Reunion, the energy and eagerness to learn more and become more seemed without limits as attendees crowded into Gary Keller’s 7 a.m. session by the hundreds.

“You’re a bunch of sick people … And it looks like some of you even shaved,” Gary Keller said jokingly in reference to such high attendance at the crack-of-dawn session — setting the tone for an hour of straight talk on a topic that he’s passionate about: “The Power of One.”

“We live in a culture that idealizes multi-tasking, but the fact is, multitasking is a lie. Science has proven that you can task switch, but you can’t do two tasks at once.”

Countering the popular notion that success is a function of cramming as much as possible into a day, Gary advocated a laser-sharp focus on doing the one thing that matters most.

“How large a life you lead will be in direct proportion to how small you can make it – determining what’s essential and what will cause everything else to fall into place.”

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4 comments on “Shattering the Multitasking Myth
  1. jroosevelt says:

    “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn
    for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles…
    but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

    Gary is spot on. it’s why I practice yoga and meditation.

  2. hintermeyer says:

    Gary has a great way of presenting this information.

    Living small helps you live large.

  3. jacquibowmantl says:

    I hope he does this every year like he does quantum leap… I got up early last year and this year it was even better! Thanks so much Gary- now if I could just live by it!

  4. kwmt says:

    Our agents loved this session – they said it was Gary’s best of all he did this year in Anaheim. Thanks Gary!

    Keller Williams Montana Realty

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