Carissa Acker endures the "10 Days of Pain"

Sep 20, 2011 8:26:37 AM

Following on the heels of Mega Technology Camp yesterday, Gary Keller and several panelists continued the Internet Lead Generation conversation.

Carissa Acker, who's on track to do $37 million this year shared her typical "10 Days of Pain" a set of follow-up systems created and perfected by Ben Kinney.

The idea behind the "10 Days of Pain" is that a good lead conversion system requires that you time block, attempt to convert leads daily, and use written and verbal scripts and dialogues. With every lead, you’ll use all your systems and skills to do one of three things: Get an appointment to buy or sell, get a referral, or deepen the relationship.

To learn more about the "10 Days of Pain" download Soci@l the Book by Ben Kinney and Jay Papasan.