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Gary Keller on mapping out the year and making a plan


For most entrepreneurs and independent business owners, fourth quarter is a time of reflection on the past year’s successes and an opportunity to put together a solid business plan for the next 12 months.

As you might imagine, Gary Keller, co-founder and chairman, Keller Williams Realty, Inc.  goes through a rigorous planning process. Below is an email exchange between him and Todd Butzer, regional director, North Central on creating the “Master Plan.”

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From: Todd Butzer
To: Gary Keller
Subject: planning question

Gary –

I am pretty sure you go through a specific planning ritual this time of year.

Wonder if you would mind sharing any part of it?


Todd Butzer

Regional Director

North Central Region

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From: Gary Keller
To: Todd Butzer
Subject: RE: planning question

hey !

i work from a simple concept:

1.   i start with the end in mind:  i envision my life at the end of it and ask myself what i want to have done.  i then mock up a simple 5 year look (in

kind of a grid form with the years to the left and along the top the categories – like health, giving, john, mary, mom, business, writing,etc…) at what i should be doing to be on track and then i look at the first year.

that creates my goals for the year.

2.   i then take each goal and ask one question:  what is the one thing i can do that by doing it everything else that could also be done to accomplish this would either be easier or unnecessary?

3.   last, i go to my calendar with that answer for each goal and i time block out the year to make sure those things get done.  first, i time block all my time off – vacations, days off, short days, etc.,  so that i make sure they don’t get left out.  if i intend to work hard then i’ll need this time to renew.  next is, my meetings with the people who report to me. next, i make sure i have my time to plan out every week. (i’ve done this so long on a sunday night that i don’t even block it anymore), usually an hour a week on a sunday.  then it’s all about work.  so, for example, if lead generation is your number one business action then you time block it for 5-6 days a week for 3 -4 hours a day before noon.   for me it’s writing so my goal is to just make sure that gets done – then i’m open to the possibilities of everything else.

my motto is “until my number one priority on my list is done each day all else

is a distraction”!  ALL ELSE!  as such, i guard my time when i’m on a priority task fiercely and without apologies.  it’s my life and i answer to no one as to my time. doesn’t always make me highly visible or highly social, but that isn’t the goal when i’m doing what i want my life to be about.

hope this helps.  feel free to share.



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  • Ron Wexler

    Great Plan. Now is the time….when you get your 2012 plan ready before November 1st you have 14 months to achieve your goals….Gary shure keeps it simple..Plan your Life First…Plan your Eduction (Growth Plan) include BOLD, Family Reunion, Mega Camp, Regional Trainings; Second…Plan the most important daily activities (Big Rocks) to make your goals a reality…Now just create your plan with the guidance of your Maps Coach and go Make it Happen!
    Thanks Todd for Asking and Thanks Gary of sharing! Lets Rock 2012!!

  • cgosa

    It works! My team leader had me working on the plan at the beginning of October. I am already starting to implement it so 14 months to reach the goals for 2012 is a great head start on the new year. This way, there’s a chance for closings to start happening in January instead of March which it would be if I waited to start the plan in January.

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