Driving big business through personal touches

Sep 18, 2012 2:07:24 PM

Mega Tech attendees heard from a panel of social media power-players! Hosted by Cary Sylvester and Ben Kinney, KW associates Lisa Archer, Tony Giordano and Jean Richer shared how they're generating big business through surprisingly simple social networking strategies. Check out just a few of our favorite takeaways!

Driving Big Business Through Personal Touches

  • Lisa Archer, who generates more than 40% of her business on Facebook, spends just 5 minutes twice a day connecting with her Facebook friends. Every friend is put into a list (Clients, Past Clients, Agents, KW Agents, etc…). Once in the morning and once again at night, she scans the lists, likes 5 posts and comments on 5 posts. Her focus is on engagement, staying present in her friends’ lives. As she put it, “They know Lisa’s in real estate, but they don’t hate to know it.”
  • Tony Giordano keeps it personal on Facebook. Generating nearly 80% of his business through social media, he focuses on building relationships and letting his friends get to know him, rather than real estate. That being said, he did share a great tip for creatively sharing your listing online. Rather than posting a link to your listing on the MLS, post a great photo of the property. Your friends are more likely to like a photo, and as soon as they do, it shows up on their friends’ walls, too! 10 likes x 500 friends each = 5000 eyeballs on your listing!
  • Jean Richer films video blogs 3-5 times a week about “whatever comes to mind” and shares them on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Some of his most popular posts are those highlighting local market statistics and quick tips for buyers and sellers. His studio is nothing extravagant – all of his videos are shot in the front seat of his car! His advice for you – Just do it! “Don’t be afraid of the camera. Whatever the camera sees, everyone else already does!”

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