6 Instant Real Estate Blog Post Ideas You Can Use Today

Jul 18, 2013 12:15:05 PM

When it comes to blogging, one of the biggest challenges can be finding regular sources of fresh content. The material you post on blogs and social media doesn’t have to be lengthy. In fact, brevity can be more effective when it comes to blogging as long as you’re posting interesting material that’s relevant to your local market. The good news is that content opportunities are all around you. Here are six perfect posting items that will make your blog or social media page a hub of excellent community and real estate information.


  1. New business openings. Keep an eye out for new stirrings behind that vacant storefront. If you see a new business moving into town, stop in and get the scoop, then write about what’s coming and when it will be open. You can even post updates after the initial announcement. This shows you’re on top of what’s happening in your community.
  2. Community events. Is there a fair or festival coming to town? Write about it. Share some of the more exciting features and let people know if your team will have a presence there. If so, invite them to stop by and see you.
  3. Local points of interest. Every community has a history. Check in with your local librarian or historical society to find out some interesting points about your municipality and share them on your blog. Whether George Washington slept nearby or your town was the birthplace of an historical leader, you’re sure to learn a few interesting tidbits that you can use in future client discussions.
  4. Movers and shakers. Give a shout out to a local influencer who’s been recognized or had something good happen. Did a local business leader win an award? Did your local bank just give a big grant to a nonprofit program? Write short pieces about the people who are making things happen in your town and wish them well.
  5. Real estate advice. One of the oldest pieces of writing advice is to “write what you know.” And you know real estate. Write short pieces that will be useful to buyers and sellers such as tips for home staging, four ways to improve your curb appeal, or how to choose the right moving company. These types of pieces position you as the real estate sales expert you are.
  6. Good news. Is a new park opening up? Did the high school football team win the regional championship? Write about the hyper-local happenings that highlight your community and show what an excellent place it is to live and do business.