Four Ways to Market to Your Online Farm

Aug 22, 2013 11:06:54 AM

You’ve used Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, a blog and your email list among other tools to develop an online farm. These prospective clients and referral sources are interested in what you have to say, but it’s still important to be creative when marketing to them so that you keep earning their attention and engagement. Here are four creative ways real estate agents can market to their online farms.


1. Host an Online Twitter Event. Twitter hashtags let multiple users join in a conversation simply by clicking on those hyperlinked words and phrases. Doing so creates a chronological feed of all of the posts with that hashtag. This is a useful tool for having an online discussion with many people via Twitter and then accessing the archive of posts later. Promote the event at a specific date and time and invite people to join in. You might even offer a prize for the most active participant. (Be sure this is permitted by the sweepstakes laws in your state.) Then, let the online conversation begin by tweeting comments, information and questions in a series of posts that are 140 characters or fewer. Some “tweet-ups” like small business expert Melinda Emerson’s #smallbizchat, are held regularly and grow to have large followings.

2. Send Specialized Email Content. Don’t send the same listings and calls to action in your email. Think about what your audience wants and create custom content. Are they wondering how to stage their home for sale? Write a how-to piece. Do they have questions about how to land a mortgage? Invite a colleague from a reputable lender to write an advice column. Think about the needs and interests of your clients and develop content. You can also lean on your eEdge myMarketing 33 Touch, 8 x 8 and 12 Direct campaigns for pre written content that is easily customizable.

3. Share Video. Online video is booming and it’s no wonder: it’s both interesting and engaging. Create your own YouTube channel and posts videos regularly, sharing them in your blog, email newsletter and across social media, as well as any other ways you reach your farm. From video tours of your listings to online tours of your favorite neighborhoods to videos of yourself giving advice, be sure to create a variety of video content to keep viewers coming back. (Earlier this year we wrote about the five most popular types of videos and some excellent examples of agents doing it well.)

4. Create a Location Destination. Become an expert in your key markets. Launch a Facebook fan page, blog, Twitter account or LinkedIn group for the town in which you specialize. Publicize it on your social media channels and post regular updates about events, news and other items of interest. Invite other community members to participate and share their news and content. This will make your page or group a place to get good information about the community in which clients live - or want to live.

Regularly promote each of these efforts to your clients and prospects via email, social media and other ways. You might even mention them to clients when you make phone calls, as a prerecorded hold or voicemail message, and on your Website, business cards and collateral materials. The more you create an integrated marketing approach, the larger your prospective client base will grow.

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