KW MAPS Coaches Offer Advice on How to Challenge Someone to Reach Their Goals

Sep 17, 2013 5:19:07 PM

Day two of Mega Leadership Camp kicked off with a number of panels that brought together some of the brightest minds in the business. Dianna Kokoszka, CEO of KW MAPS Coaching, facilitated a panel on Challenging Agents to Higher Production. Members of the Panel included MAPS Coaches Tony DiCello, Monica Reynolds and Joe Bogar.

How to Challenge Someone to Reach Their Goals

Together they shared ideas on how to challenge team members to reach their full potential. Their first observation: Challenging a person who is not willing to be challenged is never an easy task.

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink… and yet you can feed them salt and make them thirsty,” said Kokoszka.

So how do leaders make them thirsty? The key is not to hold them accountable, but to hold them able. This doesn’t just apply to the coach/team leader or the team leader/agent relationship - it applies to all relationships in life. You have to challenge someone in order to help them achieve their goals.

When complacency starts to set in, it’s important to go back and revisit goals and the question of “why?” This brings about more purpose in life’s daily challenges and helps people focus in on the end result, advised Kokoszka.

Reynolds once asked an agent why they weren’t netting a million dollars, telling them that it was their attitude holding them back. The teaching moment occurred when she coached them to “act like you make a million and you will!”

Another highly recommended way to help people achieve their goals is to use a schedule and time-blocking system. If they block time for working towards their goals, it’s easy to keep them on track and check in on how they are progressing towards those objectives. If their schedule supports their goals, they will reach them. In this case, their team should be holding them accountable to that schedule, or asking the question “does your schedule match your goals?”

“Discipline creates a habit. It’s up to them to make the decision on what they want,” explained Dicello.

In closing remarks, all coaches recommend forming relationships that foster an accountable and ABLE partnership. It may not always be easy, they agreed, but it’s important both in business and in life.

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