Success is Simple, Not Easy

Jan 3, 2014 1:22:17 PM

What's the first thing you ask yourself at the start of your workday? Is it "What do I have to do today?" Take a look at the verb in that question — "have." By asking yourself what you have to do, you shift your focus from doing the important thing to doing the urgent thing.

A better question to start your day would be "What do I choose to have happen today?" The simple change of asking a more powerful question can dramatically re-shape your workday — and ultimately your life.

As the BOLD Law states, "Success is simple, not easy." By really breaking things down, you can see the simple steps that will lead you to success and put yourself on that road each and every day. Instead of putting out fires and letting yourself get caught up in urgency, just follow the simple steps of your roadmap and do what's important.

says BOLD Coach Steve Schlueter. "It's just a matter of making simple choices each day to do the right things."

Schlueter explains more about the BOLD Law of "Success is simple, not easy" in the video below.