Why Be a Millionaire Real Estate Agent Just Once?

Jun 5, 2014 8:43:32 AM

Since its publication in 2004, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent has set a new bar for agent potential — earning, netting and then receiving a million dollars. And now Expansion Teams are uniquely positioned to raise that bar: no agent need be content with becoming a Millionaire Real Estate Agent just once. They can set out to replicate that millionaire status across 5, 10, 20, or even 100 teams that stretch from Market Centers to new cities, states, and ultimately even countries all over the globe.

Expansion Is the Next Evolution in Real Estate


According to Gary Keller, expansion is the inevitable next evolution in real estate. Why? Because real estate agents have the same unlimited income potential as any other business that expands its reach — and its earnings — to encompass customers in a new geographic sphere. Agents who have recognized this potential are already building empires that are a natural extension of their business and brand. Success doesn’t only leave clues — it builds models and systems that can readily be duplicated and leveraged to achieve economies of scale that have the potential to build enormous wealth.

Expansion Is the Next Evolution for Mega Agents

Any successful Mega Agent has mastered moving from “E" to “P," the third perspective in The Six Personal Perspectives. They have gone from entrepreneurial behavior — doing what comes naturally within their comfort zone, to purposeful behavior — embracing models and systems to excel at what feels unnatural and yet is proven to get results. An Expansion Team is the obvious next step for any Mega Agent who has successfully created a set of models and systems that function at a high level within a single team. Why not recreate their achievements on another playing field by applying those same winning models and systems to any number of teams?

Your Keys to Expansion Success

  1. Follow the model. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent paved the way for Mega Agents to net a million. The Expansion Model is the proven plan to take the same mindset and systems a step further and spread your influence to new areas. Learn the model and get on the right path and then bring your creativity to bear on the specific challenges that your target markets bring.
  2. Leverage the distribution network. The top expansion empires are lean and efficient, and the best way to stay efficient is to leverage what others are doing. Keller Williams provides many financial and training systems that support expansion, as well as many growth opportunities for you and your team members. Leverage the resources available to you!
  3. Grow as a business leader.Your expansion empire will only grow to the extent that you do. Your personal growth — as both a businessperson and a leader — will determine the success of your expansion.

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