KW Is Career Altering, Business Transforming, and Life Changing

Sep 16, 2014 5:46:23 PM

The 60 ft. aha wall located in the Mega Camp exhibit hall encourages attendees from around the world to share what they’ve learned and see other people’s takeaways from Mega Leadership, Mega Tech and Mega Agent 2014. The wall collects “Career Altering, Business Transforming, and Life Changing” moments and will stay up the entire event.

Some of the moments captured this week include:

Photo_post_2“This is no freakin’ finish line”

“#1 is only a position – It is more important to be the best then to be 1st

“With the right team NO goal is too BIG!”

"20% listing market share"

"Our goal is not to be note-worthy, it is to be LEGENDARY!"



Come by the exhibit hall and share your Aha! Follow along on social media using #KWMC


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