Do You Have the Best Marketing in Your Market?

Sep 18, 2014 6:00:37 PM

Gary Keller and Tony DiCello sat down with Ryan Zook of Dwellus and Brett Tanner at Mega Camp to discuss how to have the best marketing in your market by focusing on your strengths and leveraging them.

The example campaign discussed used an elegant combination of direct mail, internet and phone to drive leads. Starting with a direct mail campaign, “Just Sold” cards have proven to be quite successful. Take a listing and market to the 250 – 500 surrounding houses that are comparable properties and don’t put the price on card, just a percent of asking price to pique their curiosity and drive them online for pricing. When the customer is online request their contact information in order for them to access detailed information and they follow up their website visit with a phone call.

How to get the most out of direct mail campaigns:

  • The headline is everything! You have 4 seconds to get their attention. Customers care about time and money (ex. sold fast and over asking).
  • Neighborhood market report cards are effective.
  • Include days on market and percentage of price list, but do not include price.
  • Use 8 ½ x 11 size as it is more noticeable than smaller sizes.
  • Stick with similar comparably priced homes as the listing you feature.
  • Include a unique key code to target each specific address and a map will change for each card, highlighting that individual's home (companies like offer this service).
  • Drive your audience to a non-branded website to collect their information and have the site track their engagement (a branded and non-branded landing page was split tested and the non-branded site drove more actions).
  • Test and fail and adjust accordingly.

More ways to boost your marketing:

  • Offer a live chat feature on your website.
  • Use 2D and 3D floor plans for all listings online (programs are available for $100).
  • Photography and aerial photography (using drones and GoPros).
  • Luxury branding.
  • Use a mascot like Captain Dwellus.
  • Style videos with a themed marketing campaign like "The Gatsby House" by the Dwellus Group.

To build on using a mascot at the end of the talk, Keller advised strategic giving and briefly read from the book Give and Take and then suggested making your mascot a charity, which will make you feel good and maximize and grow your business (like TOMS shoes.) “Capitalism works best when we have a charitable heart,” Keller said.

The key to a good marketing platform is to know your value proposition (have an elevator pitch), script it (know what to say), deliver it in a way that makes the phone ring and find a way to share it. By using all of the suggestions above, you will be able to effectively play the marketing warfare game, making you one of the best marketers in your market.

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