Overcoming Buyer Objections

Jan 26, 2015 5:50:43 AM

In many cases, agents use their lead generation efforts to focus on drumming up listings, but by doing so, they are leaving behind an untapped market they could be leveraging—buyers. In the KW MAPS Group Coaching course, “Mega Agent Buyer Skills,” coach of four years, Aaron Simons, shares the cutting-edge scripts and dialogues that will help you connect with buyers in a new way taking your business to a whole new level. So you want to be a mega buyer agent? Here are four important skills that will help you reach that goal:

Skill 1. Leveraging Buyers to Find More Listings

“I think that sometimes buyers are underrated,” Simons says. “A lot of people think being the buyer’s agent is like playing second fiddle, but there is so much opportunity with buyers because we leverage them to find more listings.”

Skill 2. Overcoming 90% of Buyer Objections and Pitfalls

Simons uses the 20-Point Buyer Presentation, which outlines key elements for successful buyer transactions with language and scripts that overcome 90 percent of the objections and pitfalls buyer agents face. With the 20-Point Buyer Presentation in hand, you won’t find yourself showing home after home only to end up having them buy from a “for sale by owner” and leaving you out of a commission. In addition to using the right buyer presentation, committing the appropriate scripts to memory will help you effectively communicate your value proposition to your clients and keep them engaged with you throughout the entire home-buying process.

Skill 3: A Shift in Mindset

One of the most powerful benefits clients experience from coaching is a shift in mindset. When working with buyers, shift your mindset away from thinking that when you’re working with buyers you don’t have as much control and that you’re at the whim of the buyers. Simmons tells his coaching clients to run their buyer business no differently than they run their listing business. What they come away with is the mindset that you treat a buyer no differently than a seller. "You’re not going to sell someone’s home unless you meet with them and sign an agreement, so you shouldn’t work with a buyer without first explaining your value proposition and then having them sign a contract to work with you exclusively," advises Simons.

Skill 4: Communicate Your Value Proposition

With the increase in popularity of multiple internet listing services available to clients which is turning some away from working with agents in favor of doing it themselves, there has never been a better time to shore up your buyer business. “There’s been a bit of a mindset shift because of the internet and Zillow and Trulia,” Simons says. “There’s a perception of the public that we’re not needed because they think they can find everything online, but what they’re seeing is only a fraction of what’s out there.” Let your clients know what they get from working with you that they can't get anywhere else. This is also a great opportunity for you to share your branded KW Mobile App to show clients that your services are always with them at the touch of a screen.

Skill 5. Goal-Setting and Time-Blocking

By goal-setting and time-blocking, you can bring buyers who are on the fence back to the table by explaining your value proposition in a successful buyer presentation complete with communication techniques to help keep buyers engaged during post-purchase and pre-closing phases.

Other Mega Agent Buyer Skills Include: Fielding calls using embedded commands, tie-downs and the A,B,C approach; key elements of successful buyer presentations; leveraging referrals from past clients and SOI; and talking points for closing the agency agreement. All of these skills are covered in depth in the group coaching course.

Aaron Simons Aaron Simons

“Anytime you’re learning in a group and there’s participation, you’re always going to hear someone say something or ask a question that you were thinking about,” Simons says. “Just like being part of a Mastermind, you’re going to hear ideas about how other people are being successful, ideas that you can bring back to your business to implement and make it better.” For more information about how to master these Mega Agent Buyer Skills, visit MAPS Group Coaching


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