How to Attract top talent using social media

Feb 12, 2017 8:02:00 PM

Talent Bench

Pictures are worth a thousand words! How are you using pictures – and video – to capture your real estate team or market center as a best place to work? With 94 percent of companies using social media to recruit, you have to be in the social conversation to attract top talent.

magnet.jpgFacebook, Twitter and Instagram are easy, effective tools to show why you are a top workplace.

While a perfectly planned social media calendar including well-written blog posts is a dream come true, the reality of running a real estate business or market center does not allow for such perfection.

Let pictures and video do the heavy lifting when it comes to recruiting content.

Here are five quick tips to enhance your social recruiting efforts and marketing:


  1. Learn to take great photos using your phone!

Do you find yourself looking at others’ Instagram or Facebook pages and wondering how they manage a professional image for every snap? Take time to review these tricks to “wow” your followers.


  1. Polish your photo with a professionally branded look!


It doesn’t take a lot of time or professional service to give your photos a branded look. Discover applications like Canva to add polish that even the most savvy marketers will acknowledge.


  1. Leverage video!


Don’t fear video! Job descriptions receive 36 percent more applicants if accompanied by a video. Check out the KW Video app for foolproof ways to produce professional quality videos from your phone.

Go beyond the job posting or talking about your team – show your team in action. Your team members are your best brand ambassadors and they have stories to share. Consider the following prompts for quick, 30-second video clips to use in social media for recruiting purposes:

How has our team helped you grow personally?

Describe our team’s culture.

What did you do with profit share last year?

What has been your favorite training and why?

What is the #1 thing you love about your career and why?

What is your #KWMoment – the moment you realized you are with a company you never want to leave?

Videos do not have to be formal – capture the moment! Snap a quick video of your team celebrating a big milestone, goofing off or communicating aha’s from a recent training. Show that you are real. Show that you are growing. And show that you are a team.


  1. Think beyond your followers. Be part of a bigger social media conversation!


How are you using hashtags in your captions? Hashtags are meant to draw your message into a conversation that is well beyond your followers. Be strategic.

Here is an example of a talent-seeking message in Austin:

Are you looking for a #career opportunity in #Austin? We are #recruiting #realestate agents for our team.

When others search posts based on career, Austin, recruiting, and real estate, your message will be included.


  • Just do it!


Gary Keller – one of the world’s most successful business leaders – teaches associates to fail fast and fail often. How can we fail our way forward if we don’t take the first step? You don’t have to be a social media marketer, an award-winning photographer or an awe-inspiring videographer to succeed in social recruiting. Be an authentic narrator of your team’s story.

The first step is hitting “Tweet” on the first tweet or hitting “Share” on the first Instagram. No post is going to be perfect and your messages cannot be perfectly planned. The only way you fail is if you never enter the conversation!



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