Leverage Your 80 Percent – Hire an Assistant

Feb 16, 2017 1:29:56 AM


At Family Reunion 2017, Monica Reynolds, GM/Partner of Heller Real Estate Group, let the room in on the secret to leveraging their 80 percent – hire an assistant! It's as simple as that.

“Having an assistant changed my life and it can change yours too,” says Monica.


How an Assistant Benefits You

Take a minute to think about all daily tasks. Between the meetings, emails and phone calls, there seems to never be enough time. Imagine that you had four extra hours for lead generation and other activities that would benefit your bottom line.

By hiring an assistant, you can easily gain four extra hours (or more) in a day – allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business and dream up an endless amount of possibilities.



Reynolds acknowledges that there are several reasons agents do not hire assistants. Some struggle with delegation; others are reluctant to let go of important projects and initiatives they’re managing. If this is you,  she urges you not to be deterred. You will be less likely to experience these issues if you take the time to hire the right person for the job.


What the Ideal Assistant Looks Like

Below is a profile for the perfect assistant you’re about to hire.

  • Has a background in administration
  • Works an administrative center
  • Shiny eyes – they are excited and eager for the job!
  • Their profile it a fit with the KPA job profile
  • On-time, consistent

Agents often fail at hiring because they hire too fast, don’t go through the KPA process, hire family and friends, or don’t have systems in place.


After the Hire

The work doesn’t stop when the offer letter is signed. Once you hire your assistant, be committed to training him/her. Put together a training checklist (or job description) for the assistant to ensure success. Stand by this list and the job description you provided to him/her so you can keep yourself accountable. It is important you train your assistant on everything. Go through scripts on the phone, data entry, closings, listings and everything else that you do.

According to Reynolds, the number one reason assistants fail is because of a lack of training. If you invest time and training into your assistant, both of you will reap the benefits.


Final Pitch

Think about all of the things you could pursue with the help of an assistant – marketing, having a sharper focus on your top 25 clients, lead generation, increasing the number of closings … the list is endless!

Not sold? Try hiring a part-time assistant to test the waters. You will quickly see an increase in your return on investment, and if you decide you want to go all in, you will likely find a full-time assistant in no time.

Assistants are the secret weapon. You will work less, have a great life and make more money with the help of an assistant.

So what are you waiting for? The time is now!